Humans vs. Zombies: Take 2


Zombies attacking the Teen Librarian!

It’s official: HVZ is here to stay!

I was worried it would be a one hit wonder, but “Humans vs. Zombies: Nerf Gun Tag” continues to be one of our most popular programs. We had 32 teens turn out this time to run around the library, in the dark, shooting each other with NERF guns. 🙂

We modified the rules a bit this year to improve gameplay. Ex: Zombies only have to wait 30 seconds at the desk aftering being “hit” before rejoining the game. We still had a problem with a few kids “camping out” in impenetrable forces, so we may have to address that next year.

But overall, fun was had by all. Who knew the apocalypse could be so much fun? 😉

Teen Read Week 2016


I’ve never done Teen Read Week before, so I’m determined to do it this year. I’m planning four days of fun activities, plus a week-long self-directed program.

Day 1: Book/Comic Book Swap

Since we have some leftover donation books and comic books from Free Comic Book Day, I thought we could do a book swap. Teens can bring old, gently used books and swap them for “new” ones. Simple, but fun.

Day 2: Book Art

The teens will use any old magazines and comic books we have left over to create art projects: buttons, mod podge journals, bookmarks, the works.

Day 3: Book-to-Movie Marathon

All day long, we’ll be showing movies that were inspired by books. Plus snacks. LOTS of snacks. Food + Film = win.

Day 4: Book Board Games

There’s a deep love of tabletop gaming in our community, so I thought having a book-themed board game night would be a lot of fun. We’ll be playing games like Scrabble, Sherlock, Book Lover’s Jenga, and Bookopoly.

Teen Read Week Bingo

All week long, teens will be encouraged to complete the activities on their Teen Read Week Bingo Cards. At the end of the week, we’ll draw a name to see who wins a gift card to the local independent bookstore. 🙂

Here’s hoping it all goes well!