Fitness Friday #5: Tai Chi


Like my Zen Gardening Class, this was another program I was a little worried about. Would  teens actually show up for a Tai Chi Class? Would it be relevant and interesting to them?

Apparently, so!

Our instructor, Corliss Marsh, first introduced the history of Tai Chi, talked about some of the differences between styles, and taught the teens a few key concepts (breath, balance, etc). Afterwards, she led them through a series of 16 postures in one of the Yang forms.


I think we have a real need for/interest in these calmer, more meditative programs in our community. Each one has been well attended and the teens have been inquisitive and receptive.

The one thing I’d change: next time, we’re going to need a bigger room. 🙂

Total attendance: 19 teens (and 3 parents)

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