Fitness Friday #6: Fencing


Confession: this is the program I’ve been looking forward to the most this summer. Especially with the Olympics coming up. Who doesn’t love fencing? 😀 This was my most expensive program and it ate up a good chunk of my Summer Reading funds. But oh, boy, was it worth it. The teens had so much fun.

Our instructor was Charles Randall, the head coach of PDX fencing. The particular style of fencing he taught our teens was saber. Coach Randall started by introducing the teens to the history of the sport, as well as teaching them some french vocabulary. Then he lead them through some training exercises and taught them some basic attacks and parries.

The teens were absolutely enraptured and their survey reviews were glowing. Personally, I was really pleased that we had an even mix of both boys and girls at the program. Coach Randall was charming, funny, and engaging. The teens begged me to bring him back next year.

Total attendance: 15 teens.

Verdict: If we can afford it next year, we’ll be doing this one again.

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