Frozen Movie Party

frozen movie party

One of the biggest lures in children’s and teen programming is movies. Especially if that movie happens to feature not one but two Disney princesses. Since we knew the kiddos would be going stir-crazy during Spring Break, we decided to host a showing of Disney’s Frozen.  So I thought I’d be that librarian, brag, and share the photos here.


Front Display:DSC01655

Because we always want to include a literary component, even when we show movies, we pulled a few Frozen books (along with other princess stories). We arranged them at the front of the room with our cardboard Olaf standee. The kids then perused the books and took pictures with Olaf.

Station 1: Snowflake Cookies

I spent three, unholy hours baking snowflake sugar cookies. We provided vanilla frosting and blue sprinkles so the cookies would look “snowy.” Each child was allowed to have one cookie to decorate.


Station 2: Tiaras, Antlers, and Coloring Sheets

We pre-cut antler and tiara “hats” out of construction paper. We borrowed the templates for them from My Sister’s Suitcase. Each child decorated the hat of their choice, then we helped them fit it to their head. We also provided Frozen coloring sheets that we were able to download online. Those sheets were especially useful because they kept our fidgety little ones busy while their older siblings watched the movie.




Station 4: Movie Time

We arranged the chairs into rows with an aisle, leaving a big space in the front so little ones could sit on the floor if they chose. Then we fired up our old-timey popcorn maker, turned off the lights, and “let it go!”




In total, we had 175 children and parents attend! Not bad for a Spring Break program. 🙂

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