Spiderella (aka “The Fractured Fairy Puppet Show”)

DSC01410One of my favorite programs at our library is our “Starlight Puppet Show & Story-time.” During this event, we invite all of our kids (ages 10 & under) to come to the library at night. Everyone dresses up in their pjs and brings their favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Then they all settle in for 30 minutes of puppets and story telling.


It truly is a special and dearly loved program. Despite the late hour, we still average 15-20 little ones in attendance.

It’s also exciting because it gives our teen volunteers an opportunity to lead. Our more charismatic teens help serve as puppeteers and interact with the kids.


Our most recent puppet show featured the story of Spiderella: a retelling of the Cinderella story. With bugs. 🙂 It was a tremendous hit with our kids. Afterwards, we read a few Miss Spider picture books.

I think we’ll continue to use fractured fairy tales as part of our puppet shows in the future. If you’re looking for ideas, I highly recommend 12 Fabulous Funny Fairy Tale Plays as a resource.



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