Sweet Ida Mae’s Treat Decorating Class

sim2There’s a universal rule in programming for teens: if you feed them, they will come. So what better way to lure teens to the library then with a program that’s all about food? Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library, I was able to invite our local cupcake bakery to host a cupcake and cake pop decorating class.

It really does pay to reach out to your local “Mom and Pop” shops for programming. Not only are you supporting local business when you do but, in my experience, you tend to receive higher quality programming.

These wonderful ladies brought all the supplies: the food, the frosting, the lesson. All I had to do was set up the tables. It was wonderfully easy and fun.


In total, we had thirteen teenage girls show up for our Sunday afternoon class. Giggles and smiles ran rampant as we all ate FAR too many cupcakes. We’re inviting the ladies of Sweet Ida Mae’s back again in December. We can’t wait to decorate holiday treats with them! Here’s to a sweet program.


 sim5  sim4    

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